Thursday, July 22, 2004

Catching up

I don't have as much time anymore to write these since I'm slowly starting to get a life and even worse really getting into my work, so this email will be a short summary of what I've done since the last one. But first some important stuff for you people in Sweden.

I have a new Swedish phone number. It's a Stockholm number and it will only cost as a regular Stockholm number. It's an IP thingy and if I don't have my computer on there will be a busy signal (Just so you know I'm not constantly on the phone). The best way to get hold of me using this phone will be until 10am in the morning Swedish time or after 5pm in the afternoon for you who can't be bothered to calculate the time difference yourself.

Secondly I will be coming home on the morning of the 14:th of August and will be staying till the 29:th of August for a vacation. I'll be spending most of the time in Stockholm, but the first weekend I'll be in Karlskoga. If anybody want to join me for a crayfish party at my parents summerhouse on the evening of the 14:th you are welcome (Especially you local people Andres, Helene, Linda and Jonas).

Well, that's it. So what I've done since the last time is:

  • Went to San Francisco for a weekend and met up with Johansson. Johansson came down for a week in Newport and we made the area unsafe for a while.
  • Starting to work on C# in .Net at work. Kind of cool stuff.
  • Has been sick on and off for a number of weeks.
  • Celebrated Midsummer up in Venice Beach with Magnus.
  • Celebrated 4:th of July with Magnus and Eriko in Santa Monico.
  • Went to North Carolina for a week with work.

There is a bunch of more stuff that has happened, but I don't have the time to write it all down. Right now I can't wait to come home and meet all you guys again. Take care!