Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy 1 year anniversity

Well, today it's been exactly one year since I moved to the states and there been a lot of stuff that has happened since the last post and as usual I don't really have time for a really thorough read through, but I'll do some bullet points as last time.

  • Got the Jacuzzi and it is working beautifully (Great way to relax after going out on the town or after a workout). I had pictures, but due to a mishap I lost them... I'll do better for next time.
  • Had a very successful Christmas party.
  • Had my parents visiting for 2 weeks over christmas and went up to San Francisco via Highway 1. Also have some really pretty pictures from us hiking behind my house.
  • Had Stefan Rindesk√§r over for a visit. Among others went to the only NFL Chargers playoff game.
  • Had Stefan Lundmark over for a visit. Went to a NBA game with the Clippers.
  • Got a girlfriend. Her name is Emma and she is ironically from London but lives in Newport Beach.
  • Got to see the Superbowl the way it was intended (With all the really cool ads in it).
  • Went to the bank today for some other stuff and just asked them what my credit rating was (Not having had any credit at all last year).

Apparently I have excellent credit now (To the point where they really, really wanted to add credit for my card). Well, that's it. I'm heading out for a dinner with most of my friends from the year past tonight at "The Belgian Place" which is my new local hangout place, don't know if I've mentioned it before. Anyway, hope you are all alright and I'll try to be better with the updates in the future... But given the fact that I more and more seem to actually get a life over here it's not looking good.