Monday, October 31, 2005

First review of Toad for DB2

Just had to share this review of one of the products I am working on (Original review)

"Worth Using?

In a word: yes. A command line processor is not without its charms. But when you have to work fast and the nostalgia of typing line by line has worn off, nothing beats a solid GUI.

But Toad is a prince of an interface. It helps me accomplish everything I might need and a few things I didn't think about. The application runs fast, it's fairly intuitive, it has extensive context-sensitive documentation, and it makes cool croaking sounds when you start it up. What else can I say? I love it, warts and all. I'll kiss this Toad anytime. It leapfrogs over other database tools I've seen. And best of all, with a name like Toad, writers can make cheesy cliches for days."

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fun times

Finally done with the release of the Toad for DB2 which is the last release for a while. Usually the way it works when you do software development is that the most fun period of work is right after a release. Because that is the time when you can tear stuff up and write new stuff at a furious pace, so from the developers standpoint that is definitely the most interesting time.

Because of the DB2 release which was finished this Tuesday there has been a ridiculous amount of work lately. But I can still mostly do it from home so it's not so bad. And off course, as always I still find this being one of the most interesting things to do.

Apart from that I've also been out partying quite a lot lately so all in all there hasn't been that much time for sleeping so I think I'm going to take it easy for a few weeks now.

As some times before I'm going to end off with a quote. This time it's from George of Seinfeld.

"Kramer goes to a fantasy camp. His whole life is a fantasy camp. People should plunk down $2000 to live like him for a week. Do nothing, fall ass-backwards into money... and have sex without dating. Thats a fantasy camp."