Monday, April 15, 2019

Released Your Shared Secret Service

I recently published Your Shared Secret service which allows you to safely and securely ensure that private information that you have is not lost if you are in any way incapacitated.

The basic premise is that information is submitted through your browser where it is encrypted before it is ever sent to the service. The key to decrypt the information never leaves your browser. The key is then then chopped up into multiple pieces which are securely handed out to a number of people that you chose to act on your behalf and only by a group of them collaborating (You chose how many) can they together assemble the key required to access your information. For a quick introduction you can check out this video.

I really went all out on the privacy aspect of this website and service and have gone out of my way to not collect any information not needed for the operation of the service. The site have no third party links except for when collecting payments and it does not collect any visitor analytics such as for instance Google Analytics.

You have complete control over who of your caretakers is able to initiate accessing the information and also how many of the total group of caretakers need to participate to access the information. Even better the service does not even need know how to contact the caretakers. This information is only known by the unlocking caretaker and the owner of the information.

Furthermore the act of one of your caretakers trying to assemble the key will give you as the creator a notification that allows you to cancel the unlocking information or delete the information all together within a 7 days quarantine period. For more information on how the service works see the Usage section on the website.

The entire service operates on a zero trust model where all the functionality is ensured with cryptographically strong primitives with the single exception being the 7 day quarantine period. There is plenty of detailed information on how the encryption works in detail and how the service has been built. To ensure what is claimed on the site is actually what is happening the source code to the entire service is published on GitHub and you can even run the entire website locally by just cloning the website repository and just run.

npm start

The service is available for an introductory price of $1 or if you want to have completely anonymity you can also pay with either Etherium or Bitcoin although that is slightly more costly because of the value fluctuations of these currencies.

The service is available now so feel free to get started now keeping your information safe without you.