Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Antonin Scalia Does Not Believe in Molecular Biology

In an opinion that boggles the mind written by Antonin Scalia on a recent the case regarding the legality of patenting genes he apparently does not believe in anything that he does not have first hand knowledge on or can experience with his own senses.

Although he agrees with the court decision that naturally occurring genes should not be patentable he disagrees in why this is the case. In his views it shouldn't be patentable because he doesn't believe in genes at all. Makes me all fuzzy inside to think that this is the guy that is one of nine final voices in legal matters in the worlds currently only super power.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I just achieved true Inbox Zero for the first time in over 5 years

For the first time in over 5 years I have achieved true Inbox Zero meaning that I do not have a single message sitting in either my personal or work email inbox. I decided to make a concerted effort to achieve this earlier in the week and after archive over 1500 messages I am done and it feels great!

Removing old inbox messages start getting really easy once you get a couple of months back in your list since very little of that is current any more. It's just that if you never take the time to go through the whole list you never get around to removing this from your inbox and if you have something that is actually important you will have a real hard finding it. In the emails that were over 1 year old I found less than 10 emails in my case that contained information that was still relevant and important. That said I would have a real problem finding that information since it was just sitting around the 1000+ un-filed messages in my inbox.

Now it is just interesting to see how long I can hang on to this.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dealing with credit report errors

I just realized that my credit report has several errors on it. None of them should reflect my credit, but I just thought I would take some time to fix it. The problems I have is that for some reason there is an extra address that they all think that I live on and also I am apparently according to some of them owning a US company (That also doesn't exist), which is problematic since I am not allowed to operate a company in the US based on my visa.

Trying to deal with this is kafkaesque. First of all Experian just flat out refuse to give me my free annual credit report so there is nothing I can do there for now. They give me a weird error message that refers me to a phone number that when called refers me back to the web page. There is also no place on their web page to either call or email someone about issues. I wish I cared enough to sue, because I am pretty sure what they are doing is illegal... But who has the time.

The other ones actually does work and I have successfully at least lodged a request to remove the address I've never lived at. However the company that they think that I own is nowhere on my credit report for me to even dispute and I have no idea how to get that off there so I guess I am screwed there too.

Will be interesting to see if they will actually modify my report... So far I am not super optimistic.