Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Going home

I'm sitting in the airport in Houston where I have a 6 hour wait until the flight continues to Amsterdam from which I'm then on to Stockholm. I'm ok thought, because I have access to one of the lounches so I have internet access and power (Plus a bunch of DVD:s and of course a laptop).

I thought I'd take some time to put down a short bullet list of the stuff that has happened since the last mail as well as I remember it. So here goes.

  • Finally been to the Gaslight District in San Diego. Probably the most famous part of this town.
  • Finally been out partying in down town Los Angeles. For some reason I had never been there before. It's not really a nice part of town so why would you go there? I went there for a concert and had a great time.
  • Got arrested. It's a long story (Too long to recount in full here). Basically I got drugged, robbed and then the police picked me up for public intoxication. I'm ok though and I only lost a watch, some credit card and around $40. I had the chance to go to court though (Where I got off). All in all an interesting experience which I would be happy never to go through again.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now. Another interesting note is that previously while I was in the LAX lounge I sat next to the first famous person that I know of since I moved here. It was Kevin Bacon. I think I know why I never see anybody too now because even though he was sitting 3 feet away from me for about an hour I didn't realize who it was until around 3 people had come over to ask for autographs.

Hope to see you all in a couple of days (If you are in Sweden).

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