Monday, September 26, 2005

Random tidbits

Just some random updates on what I'm up to here. I've been working like crazy lately because of two products that I'm working on are going RTM (Release to management). The first one is Toad for SqlServer and the second one Toad for DB2. Because I'm involved a lot in the framework that we are building all these products on I tend to get swamped when anything approaches released. Hopefully it should slow down a bit in a few weeks.

I've also heard two different tidbits about life in Laguna here. The first one is about me leaving for home for two weeks and managing to forget to lock the front door of my house. My neighbour found it unlocked and later told that she thought "Wow, he must feel really safe in this neighbourhood". Needless to say, I don't feel that safe and I guess it was just a case of temporary insanity at 4am in the morning as I left.

The second one is that I heard from a friend of mine that he got robbed at knifepoint here in Laguna Beach outside the Stop and Go just half a mile from where I live. I honestly didn't think that kind of stuff happend at this place. At least not often enough so that I would actually meet someone it had happened to. He is ok though, and he only lost a couple of bucks.

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