Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random updates for the last year and a half

Ok, since it has been way too long since my last update on what I've been up to so here goes.

  • Going home for Christmas for 6 weeks is now a tradition. This Christmas will be the third year.
  • Went to Costa Rica about a year ago to visit a friend. He's now moved on to Panama so I guess that is another trip I need to do. Here are some pictures.
  • Went skiing in St Anton last winter with Stefan. Here are some pictures.
  • Bought a new car. This time it is a BMW 335i.
  • Spent New Years in Amsterdam with Joe and Nicole. Here are some pictures.
  • Went to Coachella (Big music festival near Palm Springs) but was sick the entire time so that was not a pleasant experience.
  • Went to Seattle a couple of times to visit Microsoft for a new project. The project itself was a little bit of a mess (We were developing an add-on against a non stable beta Microsoft release) and I've now managed to get off it.
  • Went on a Napa trip. Here are some pictures.
  • Have had visits from John, Henrik Johansson, Anna-Karin and off course my parents.
  • Got a motorcycle license and then a bike (A BMW R1100R). Also went on a motorcycle trip through San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley and Las Vegas. Here are some pictures.
  • Went to Maui with my parents. Really cool place. Here are some pictures.

That's pretty much the highlights of the last year and a half.

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