Thursday, April 7, 2005

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to the newest feature of my webpage, a blog. Due to the fact that all my friends who until recently worked at Bahnhof Internet have quit I have decided to move my hosting to a new location and in the process I have take the opportunity to also include a complete overhaul of the entire site.

For the tech savvy reader I've decided that since I update my webpage about once or twice a decade I've tried to keep it as platform agnostic as posible. Removing all ties to databases (The MySQL support broke the old homepage in the end). I'm also removing the annoying parts of the website that generated traffic, most specifically the "Anti SJ site". I also removed the Swedish language because it is simply too much hastle to maintain a two language site, and everyone I hang out speak english at least passingly.

New on the personal front is the fact that I have booked a trip to St Thomas in May for a week and a half with a bunch of friends. I have also more or less pinned down the dates for my vacation back home in Sweden to the 18:th of August all the way through to the 29:th of the same month.

I'm also hoping to be able to make a quick trip to Mammoth Lakes for skiing for an extended weekend relatively soon. So in short I have the whole vacation thing down for a while now.

Also new is the fact that I am selling my appartment back home in Stockholm. The reason for that is that first of all Stefan Rindeskär has bought a house and will be moving out. Also given the fact that I think it is pretty good times to sell, coupled with the fact that I am pretty sure that when I get home I will want to have a bigger appartment (It's easy to get used to the 1000+ square feet I have now).

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