Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mammoth skiing was awesome

I've just come home yesterday from skiing on Mammoth Mountain which was totally awesome. I wouldn't say it compared to skiing in the Alps, but definately better than anything I've tried anywhere in Sweden.

While there I also met up with anothe bunch of Swedes who came from San Diego so now I'm on a mailing list for Swedes who live in Southern California who likes skiing. I met them by sporting cleverly suddle clues to my origin (Like having a Peak Performance ski jacket and a Tand├ądalen lift ticket holder).

I also manage to completely screw up my sunblock (Well, actually I didn't use any) so today I'm hurting... A lot. So I've got some kind of aloe gel that they recommended in the pharmacy when you got bad sun burns.

It seems that my last post regarding going RTM was kind of premature. Even though it seemed a sure thing when I wrote it a bunch of last minute bugs crept up plus we suffered some "drive by management" which was close to cancelling the entire project at the end of the second to last day (Or at least postponing it for 6 months) due to the fact that we were needed on another project that needed help keeping another dateline. It's interesting how sometime the project priorities can change on a day to day basis. Anyway, we did manage to get the release done last friday though so all is well that ends well.

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