Monday, October 9, 2006

Random site house keeping

First of all some photos from my first trip to Mexico. As an explanation for me looking so bored and tired I went there for just one day and I left the same day as Henrik and Maria left for the airport so we had a big bash the day before I even left for Mexico.

Next are some pictures from my first Charger game, courtesy of Joe also.

There were also some more random pictures here and there too, but I don't even remember them.

I also upgraded the application that runs the photo album. The new one first looks a lot better and the "Random Image" on the left is awesome I think, at least when I have been playing around so much with the album lately anyway. I'm not sure, but I think this upgrade might also have broken all the old links I might have had to the album before too. The images should still be there though if you take the time to find them. I also fixed the Underscore website which has been broken in years. And finally I removed the guest book and disabled commenting on the blog because it was just getting completely filled with spam.

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