Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Some more random updates

First of all I made a trip to Seattle with work (Got to do some sightseeing too though). Went to visit Microsoft Labs. It was surprisingly rewarding actually (Pictures).

Got a visit from Lovisa and Ludde (Friends from back home who I got to know while working at Spinbox) (Pictures).

I also bought an electric scooter to get me around town. It is sort of a testament to my own dementia in that I set up a rule for my self not to use my car to get around town and then spend a grand to cheat for my own rule. It's really convenient though and the main reason for not using the car in Laguna Beach is not my own rule, but the complete hassle of finding parking so I'm not that crazy (Really).

Went on a trip to Dubai for a week and a half, but I will add a long write up on that later.

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